Boyle, Konroyd talk Blackhawks on WBEZ

Boyle, Konroyd talk Blackhawks on WBEZ
March 12, 2013, 8:15 pm
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Scott Krinch

Tuesday afternoon, Comcast SportsNet Blackhawks pre/post analysts Pat Boyle and Steve Konroyd made an appearance on WBEZ, "The Afternoon Shift" with Rick Kogan . Among the topics were the Blackhawks' streak to start the season and if it helped save the NHL.

Kogan asked Boyle about the importance of the streak.

"The fact the Blackhawks did what they did, coming out of a work stoppage, pulling in this entire city and then grabbing the national stage for a couple weeks," Boyle said. "It rivaled the NBA and all the other sports stories that came along throughout the day, to dominate it was truely amazing. Credit has to go to the players."

Konroyd agreed with Boyle, echoing those comments.

"This winning streak, undefeated streak really helped smooth things over," Konroyd said.

[WATCH: Check out the complete interview from WBEZ, "The Afternoon Shift" with Rick Kogan]

Throughout the Blackhawks' 24-game point streak, one moment stuck in Konroyd's mind that he labeled the turning point.

"People talk about some of the turning points. They were in San Jose and down 3-1. He [Joel Quenneville] stuck with Corey Crawford at the time," Konroyd said. "I thought that was a real turning point. He really turned it on after that game. He realized coach had his back."

Each member of the Blackhawks deserves credit for the streak, but Boyle points to one person who hasn't received that much attention.

"There's a lot of great stories. All these guys rebounding. I've got to credit Stan Bowman," Boyle said. "In this day and age in professional sports, if you don't win and get to the ultimate goal, they make changes quickly. He only made two under the radar moves this offseason. They decided to stay the course and so far it's worked out."

If you want to view Boyle and Konroyd's interview with WBEZ in its entirety, click here.