Chemistry proves to be the key ingredient for Hawks

Blackhawks by the numbers

Chemistry proves to be the key ingredient for Hawks
February 11, 2013, 3:15 pm
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It’s been said before, but the best move that Stan Bowman made this offseason was, well, not making many moves at all.

Aside from the additions of defensemen Sheldon Brookbank and Michal Roszival, the 2013 Blackhawks are made up of many of the same names that took the ice the past two seasons. And while those squads squeaked their way into the playoffs only to get eliminated in the first round, the feeling surrounding this 2013 team is different. Much different.

A lot has been made about team chemistry being an integral component on winning teams. When you examine the makeup of the most successful teams in sporting history, the argument could be made that across the board, a cohesive line up inevitably contributes to success. Some will counter that winning alone leads to the “hunky-dory-we-all-love-each-other” euphoria that accompanies a team that’s on roll.

That’s not the case with the Blackhawks.

They are winning because they have exceptional chemistry.  

After Sunday night’s 3-0 win over the Predators, the Hawks improved to 10-0-2 on the season and are sitting pretty on top of the standings. They’ve piled up 22 points in 12 games – 18 of those coming on the road. Before the six-game “Ice Show” trip began, head coach Joel Quenville spoke about the bonding this extended road trip would bring.  

Safe to say, Quenneville was right on the money. This team is clicking.

The foundation for a great team has been building over the past two seasons. It’s now in place. This is a Hawks squad that has battled through adversity together. They’ve survived two unceremonious exits from the playoffs, a devastating blow to one of their best players, and a hideous lockout that nearly wiped out what’s shaping up to be an absolute dream season.

The dream is still alive. There’s something special brewing on the West Side. The ingredients are all there. And like a good wine, they simply needed a little time to flourish. It’s happening.

We can thank Stan Bowman for not stirring the pot too much.