Konroyd's three keys to Blackhawks-Predators

Konroyd's three keys to Blackhawks-Predators
February 10, 2013, 11:45 am
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Steve Konroyd

Catch all of Steve Konroyd's analysis tonight as CSN's coverage of Blackhawks-Predators begins at 6:30 p.m. with Blackhawks Pregame Live.

1. Keep the Momentum rolling: A goalie win in Calgary. Another come-from-behind win in San Jose. A beatdown in Phoenix. The Hawks are winning every which way you can and that spells momentum -- hard to gain and easy to lose. They want to keep it on their side.

2. Shots come at at a premium in Opryland: The Preds are one of the best teams in the NHL at protecting “the house.” That’s the 30-foot area in and around the front of their net. They block a lot of shots and don’t give you many good looks. When you have a chance, a shot is better than a pass.

3. Third and fourth lines are important: The Blackhawks have a lot of depth this year. Joel Quenneville isn’t afraid to use any line against anyone. There is a pretty big drop-off in ability for Nashville after their top two lines. If your third or fourth line can chip in with a goal, I like the chances of winning.