Cavs' coach hopeful for future Rose, Irving matchup

Cavs' coach hopeful for future Rose, Irving matchup
February 26, 2013, 12:00 pm
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Kyrie Irving came limping into the United Center on Tuesday morning and it was clear something was wrong.

Irving will sit out tonight's game against the Bulls with a sore right knee after banging it recently in practice.

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"Last game against Orlando it was sore. The game against Miami it was sore. It was sore yesterday. So, [we decided to] shut him down for a few days. The doctors all feel he needs rest and the don't see anything wrong with it structurally. He just needs rest," said Cavaliers head coach Byron Scott.

It brings to light one of the NBA's best match ups that still hasn't happened: Derrick Rose vs. Kyrie Irving. Both were No. 1 overall picks and went on to win Rookie of The Year, but they've never met on the court.   
"It's unfortunate. It's unfortunate because of Derrick's situation. I love Derrick Rose just as a person. He's an unbelievable [player, and] he's one of our best people in this league," Scott said. "Talk about humble and a guy that's all about the right stuff. Derrick Rose is one of those guys....I'm hoping he comes back 110 percent and that these two guys can get it on next year this time."