Just what, exactly, was Reggie Rose looking to accomplish?

Just what, exactly, was Reggie Rose looking to accomplish?

February 22, 2013, 10:30 am
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Based on the reaction of Charles Barkley at halftime during the Bulls-Heat game on Thursday, I tweeted out "Let the star be the star, and shut the hell up!"

Based on the responses I got, it seems Derrick Rose must confront his first significant PR issue here since being drafted by his hometown team, living up to virtually every expectation and winning an MVP award. He did so in a statement, saying in so many words, his - and the team's - goal remains the same: bringing a non-Jordan championship to Chicago.

While filling in for David Kaplan this week, I've been reluctant to believe the conspiracy theory of various guests about how Derrick Rose may be holding back on his return, based on the "noise" around him -- be it family, adidas, or any other factors outside of whether he feels he's truly ready.

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Derrick Rose has made us believe he's truly a man of his word, and I took him at it when he said last week in Boston that he's just not comfortable yet with how his knee feels. As soon as he is, he'll be in the lineup. But if his brother Reggie has the kind of influence we're made to believe, his comments in an interview posted Thursday will do nothing but decrease his, and his brother's, popularity and raise reasons to doubt what we've all believed to be one of the most unjaded, honest and popular athletes in, and from, this town.

But Derrick Rose's brother/manager ripping the team for its lack of movement at the trade deadline, or prior, to build the roster and affecting how soon he comes back won't help matters.

Perhaps we should turn the keys of the franchise over and see if Reggie Rose can do better with a team that will pay a luxury tax and was actually looking to find a way out of that situation on Thursday. That means probably making the roster even less competitive. Hope he's good at math.

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Maybe we should let Reggie Rose figure out the intracacies of the salary cap, and who the Bulls should've signed when LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh decided to join forces in the summer of 2010, and see if he can do better.

Bottom line is, if Derrick Rose comes back and plays anywhere close to his usual level, either the Bulls or Indiana will be the biggest threat to Miami coming out of the East. See anyone else make huge trades? Didn't think so.

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And now, aside from Joakim Noah and Luol Deng (whom Reggie Rose singled out positively), Derrick Rose has to rejoin a team that his brother publicly threw under the bus. How's that for a positive, chemistry-building situation? 

I think Bulls fans have absolutely loved the way this team has hung tough this season through its makeup and the coaching of Tom Thibodeau, and couldn't see a move out there right now that would have made them significantly better.

While his brother's injury has forced him to stay out of the spotlight, Reggie Rose's comments smacked of a brother who can't wait to be back in it, lockstep with his superstar sibling.

The Rose family has done a wonderful job making Derrick Rose the person he is behind the player. If Reggie Rose is being his brother's mouthpiece, it's not the Derrick Rose we've come to know, and will only chisel away at his popularity in Dwight Howard-like fashion. You always hope the honeymon lasts forever between a player and team. Hopefully, it's not over.