MLB Power Rankings: Week 6

MLB Power Rankings: Week 6
May 14, 2013, 8:15 am
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Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz

Every week during the MLB season,'s Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz will roll out updated power rankings. Check out our rankings to date: Preseason | Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 

Rank JJ Tony Comment
1 Rangers Rangers

JJ: It's only 44 PAs, but Jeff Baker is hitting .351/.455/.730 with 4 HR.

Tony: Gambles have paid off last couple years (letting Hamilton go, bidding $$$ on Darvish).

2 Yankees Tigers

JJ: Lyle Overbay and Jayson Nix have over 100 PAs. They're in first place.

Tony: Starting to play up to standards. Best run differential in Majors.
3 Cardinals Cardinals

JJ: So Adam Wainwright and Shelby Miller had pretty good starts  over the weekend.

Tony: Starting staff leads MLB with 3.03 ERA.
4 Reds Yankees

JJ: It's taken a while, but Homer Bailey may have finally turned the corner.

Tony: Maybe they really are sorcerers.
5 Tigers Red Sox

JJ: Getting Houston this week will beef up their win total. Also, read this.

Tony: From beer and fried chicken to sunscreen and rosin.
6 Orioles Giants

JJ: Thought last year was a flash in the pan, but so far, not looking like it.

Tony: Madison Bumgarner: 2013 NL Cy Young winner?
7 Giants Reds

JJ: Pitching well, hitting well enough and playing great defense. Good combo.

Tony: They should start looking into bringing Shin-Soo Choo back for 2014 and beyond.
8 Nationals Braves

JJ: Started to turn things on...until they ran into the Cubs over the weekend.

Tony: Mike Minor has emerged as a top-of-the-rotation starter.
9 Red Sox Orioles

JJ: Slid a lot, but they'll battle for a playoff spot come September.

Tony: Tied with Cardinals for MLB-high 14 road wins.
10 Braves Nationals

JJ: Justin Upton blasting a massive homer at Chase Field was pretty poetic.

Tony: Bryce Harper's only weakness is outfield walls.
11 Indians Indians

JJ: On fire lately, leaving the White Sox in the dust on a charge to the top of the AL Central.

Tony: Quick quiz hotshot: Which team leads MLB in SLG? (CLE, obviously)
12 Diamondbacks Rays

JJ: It's still early, but Martin Prado has the lowest WAR (-0.6) on the team.

Tony: David Price righting the ship is a huge boost to this team.
13 Rays Royals

JJ: Starting to erase slow start behind James Loney (.376/.429/.560), of all people.

Tony: Hey hey! Hosmer finally hit a homer!
14  Pirates Pirates

JJ: After allowing 5 SBs Monday, Michael McKenry has thrown out 1 of 22 base-stealers.

Tony: Quietly enjoying another hot start. Will this one stick, though?
15 Royals Diamondbacks

JJ: Tough week vs. Baltimore, New York tripped them up.

Tony: JUpton wins Round 1.
16 Rockies A's

JJ: They're sliding pretty fast, oddly enough, thanks to a lackluster offense.

Tony: Their OFers just can't stay healthy. Crisp, Young, Reddick all on DL.
17 A's Mariners

JJ: With their recent struggles, will anyone push Texas for AL West title?

Tony: Oliver Perez has turned his career around as a reliever. 1.84 ERA, 1.18 WHIP last two years.
18 Twins Twins

JJ: They're still over .500 in mid-May, which is a heck of an accomplishment for this unit.

Tony: Joe Mauer's on pace for 153 Ks. Never struck out more than 88 times in a season.
19 Mariners Phillies

JJ: Jason Bay: .253/.360/.453, 4 HR. Renaissance?

Tony: Maybe it's time to start trading off pieces? Starting with Utley.
20 Phillies Brewers

JJ: Classy stuff from Roy Halladay here.

Tony: How does a guy with a 6:27 BB:K ratio have a .367 AVG? Carlos Gomez defies logic.
21 Brewers Cubs

JJ: Jean Segura: .368/.412/.588, 13 SB, 3 3B, 6 2B, 6 HR. Mercy.

Tony: See? They're not so bad. Just a -5 run differential and only 6 games under .500.
22 Cubs Blue Jays

JJ: Travis Wood's been great -- 2.03 ERA -- but his 3.63 FIP suggests he may not sustain this success.

Tony: Only Astros and Marlins have worse run differentials.
23 Padres White Sox

JJ: 12-11 since Chase Headley returned, for what it's worth.

Tony: Just a 6.6 percent chance at making playoffs now. Sad.
24 Dodgers Rockies

JJ: Could get Greinke back this week, and need a winning streak here soon.

Tony: Here we go. What we've seen the last week is the REAL Rockies.
25 Mets Dodgers

JJ: Despite being cut by Houston, Rick Ankiel still found work with the Mets.

Tony: Have dropped 8 of 10 and still sit in last place in NL West.
26 Angels  Padres

JJ: Brendan Harris, who hadn't played in the majors since 2010, is getting extensive playing time.

Tony: Were rolling before 3-game losing streak derailed hot stretch.
27 White Sox Angels

JJ: Playing some of the worst baseball seen by this franchise in years right now.

Tony: If only they could play the White Sox every game, amirite?
28 Blue Jays Mets

JJ: Sorry, Maple Leafs fans.

Tony: Four straight losses. Starting to show true colors.
29 Marlins Marlins

JJ: Jacob Turner, last year's prize prospect acquisition, has a 5.20 ERA in Triple-A.

Tony: Took them almost six weeks to score 100 runs.
30 Astros Astros

JJ: 13 months after throwing a perfect game, Phil Humber was DFA'd by the worst team in baseball.

Tony: LOL, Astros.