Pippen's attorney calls the man suing Pippen a 'fraud'

Pippen's attorney calls the man suing Pippen a 'fraud'
July 15, 2013, 11:15 am
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Scottie Pippen, former Bulls forward and Hall of Famer, is being sued by the autograph seeker over the altercation that happened outside an upscale sushi restaurant in Malibu.

Camran Shafighi, a luxury car salesman and the man attacked by Pippen, is reportedly suing the Hall of Famer for 4 million dollars, claiming Shafighi asked Pippen for an autograph for his girlfriend's son and suffered a "brutal and unjustified" attack, according to CBS News.

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Shafighi was taken to the hospital after the attack for sustaining a head injury.

According to an email sent to Yahoo! Sports' ThePostGame, Pippen's lawyer, Mark Geragos, made a statement saying, "This man yelled profanities, spit on Mr. Pippen, used racial epithets and attacked his family," he wrote. "He should be ashamed of himself and we will expose him for the fraud that he is."

Pippen was not arrested or charged due to the June 23 attack but was questioned by the police.