Aggressive Heat fan apologizes for improper etiquette

Aggressive Heat fan apologizes for improper etiquette
May 16, 2013, 10:15 am
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CSN Staff

Filomena Tobias gained instant notoriety when she flipped off Joakim Noah as he was ejected from Game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. Once her identity was confirmed, Tobias' interesting past was revealed to the public, including former allegations of murdering her husband. Tobias recently spoke out through an attorney regarding her newfound infamy:

“Ms. Tobias has been a devoted Miami Heat fan for as long as she can remember, and like many other devoted fans, she unfortunately allowed her passion for the team to disregard proper fan etiquette.  She is only human, and her emotions got the best of her,” Barbuto statement reads. "She offers her genuine apologies to anyone she has offended, and she requests that her privacy, as well as the privacy of her family, be respected at this time.”

“Ms. Tobias is distressed at the needless national attention this incident has garnered and the unwarranted invasion of privacy by the press into her personal life, including the malicious and untrue reporting about her husband’s tragic passing,” Barbuto continued. "What started as a simple and ill-mannered gesture that was made towards a member of the opposing team who had just been ejected, has now transformed into a very ugly and despicable intrusion into Ms. Tobias’ past."

Regardless of the intentions of Ms. Tobias' statement, one can only hope it marks the end of her 15 minutes of fame.