The importance of the 12-month NBA industry

The importance of the 12-month NBA industry
July 16, 2014, 10:00 pm
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CSN Staff

The NBA has become a 12-month industry, and CSN business insider Rick Harrow says that's a good thing.

The season begins in early November and extends through late June, thanks in large part to a playoffs that features four rounds of seven-game series. The NBA Draft comes later that month, with free agency beginning July 1, followed shortly after that with the summer leagues in Las Vegas and Orlando. There's a bit of a lull in August before training camps begin in September.

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And that 12-month industry, primarily a free agency period that garners perhaps more attention than the season itself, is important for many reasons. And Harrow notes that the NBA's expiring TV deal in 2016, combined with that never-ending news cycle will increase the dollar amount of that next TV deal, which is good news for everyone.

"Everybody's in the hunt, and it's a 365-day industry and league. Why is that important? Because there's about a billion dollars of television revenue coming in from the national networks, and they're re-negotiating the year after this," Harrow said. "And if there's national, year-round awareness it's obviously better for everybody."

See what else Harrow had to say in the video above.