Isiah Thomas: We should have taken high road vs. Bulls in '91

Isiah Thomas: We should have taken high road vs. Bulls in '91
October 3, 2013, 9:45 pm
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Tony Andracki

Back in 1991, Michael Jordan and the Bulls were just kicking off their historic run.

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That year's Eastern Conference Finals served as the passing of the torch, from the powerhouse Detroit Pistons team to Phil Jackson's Chicago Bulls.

The Pistons had just won two straight NBA Finals, but were swept out of the Eastern Conference Finals by the Bulls, who went on to the first three-peat.

When the Pistons lost the final game on their home court, they left without shaking the Bulls' hands.

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During a taping of NBATV's "Open Court," former Pistons star Isiah Thomas told TNT's Ernie Johnson he had regrets after how the team handled that series.

"Absolutely," Thomas said. "Looking back, we all should have taken the high road.

"Before the Bulls swept us in '91, I remember clearly, Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson and everyone, because they swept us in Detroit. They went on a day, day-and-a-half tirade about how we were bad for the game, we were bad people, how [Bill] Laimbeer was a thug.

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"In our town, they were getting ready to win, up 3-0. And then they had this press conference just totally disrespecting us as champions. They went on to sweep us and the decision was made to just walk off."