KC Johnson weighs in on report of Bulls' rift

KC Johnson weighs in on report of Bulls' rift
August 1, 2014, 12:30 pm
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CSN Staff

A recent report from the Chicago Sun Times suggesting a "rift" between the Bulls and Derrick Rose went as far as to push owner Jerry Reinsdorf to release an official statement denying the story.

The report has since been a hot topic and was discussed Friday on the Kap and Haugh Show.

Chicago Tribune insider KC Johnson joined the program to give his take on what's occurred with Rose and the Bulls throughout the last two seasons.

"What has happened from my perspective is that Derrick is a basketball player and that's what he does, that's what he enjoys doing, that's what he does best," Johnson said. "What's happened over these last two seasons, given that he has missed all but 10 games, is he's been put in situations where the focus is not on basketball. And when that happens, that's when messiness occurs.

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 "When the focus gets back on basketball, which I assume is going to happen this season, I think everyone's gonna remember who this guy is, what a great teammate he is, what a great player he is. Because the last two season have not been about basketball, there have been some missteps and some messiness. So I would probably categorize yesterday's events in that group.

"As far as the statement, I don't really need to add much to that," Johnson continued. "It's pretty rare when an owner even issues a statement to begin with, and it was very strongly worded. Derrick acknowledged in the story the angle, so Derrick at least acknowledged the situation, but Jerry was very, very strong against it."

In addition to the suggested rift the Sun Times story discusses, Rose's role in the recruitment of Carmelo Anthony was also brought up, suggesting the former MVP "wasn't interested in teaming up" with him. Johnson also interpreted that situation an entirely different way.

See what he had to say about that in the video above.