LeBron's Heat closing in on one of Jordan's Bulls records

LeBron's Heat closing in on one of Jordan's Bulls records
June 9, 2014, 8:00 am
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Mark Strotman

Before reading further, understand that this isn't a LeBron vs. MJ debate, nor a 90s Bulls vs. current Heat debate.

Plenty have chimed in on it - including Horace Grant last week - and there will be years to go back and forth on a debate in which basketball junkies will argue (and likely get nowhere on changing anyone's opinion).

But numbers never lie, and LeBron's Miami Heat are closing in on one of the Bulls' most impressive marks from their early championship days.

As documented by Pro Basketball Talk's Dan Feldman, Miami's 98-96 win over the Spurs in Game 2 gave them 47 consecutive postseason games without back-to-back losses. After losing Games 3, 4 and 5 to the Boston Celtics in the 2012 Eastern Conference semifinals, the Heat have gone 34-13 since, winning all 13 games following a loss in the playoffs. If the Heat play to Game 7 without losing consecutive games, they would tie Jordan's record.

For now, those 47 consecutive games rank third in NBA history:

1. Boston Celtics, 54 (1962-66)
2. Chicago Bulls, 52 (1990-93)
3. Miami Heat, 47 (2012-14)

-- The Celtics' record spanned five different seasons - they won championships each year - and occurred in the middle of their eight consecutive titles. It spanned 11 different series. Bill Russell's group went 37-17 in that span.

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-- Chicago accomplished its feat over the course of four seasons, beginning with a pair of losses against the Pistons in the 1990 Eastern Conference Finals to the Pistons; they wound up losing that series in seven games. From there they won three straight titles, only losing back-to-back games against the Knicks in the Eastern Conference Finals. Of course, the Bulls went on to win four straight to beat Patrick Ewing's squad, and beat the Suns in six games (losing only Games 3 and 5) to capture their third straight title. They went 40-12 in that span, both the fewest number of losses (12) and the best win percentage (.769) of the three teams. The Bulls faced just two elimination games in that span, whereas the current Heat have already faced five (they won all five).

-- It's worth noting that during Jordan's second three-peat, the Bulls only lost consecutive games three times (1996 Finals, Games 4 and 5; 1997 Finals, Games 3 and 4; 1998 East Finals, Games 3 and 4) In that span, the longest they went without back-to-back losses was 17 games, showing just how difficult a feat it truly is.

-- This won't end any debate (as a matter of fact, nothing will) on LeBron vs. Jordan or Chicago vs. Miami, but it is worth noting.