Melo to the Bulls? It's part of a new video game storyline

Melo to the Bulls? It's part of a new video game storyline
September 14, 2013, 11:30 am
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Vinnie Duber

Carmelo Anthony to the Bulls?

Whether or not it would ever happen in real life is up for plenty of conjecture and debate. But a new video game storyline puts another superstar alongside Derrick Rose and features the All-Star forward in a Chicago uniform.

Here's how it works: NBA 2K14, the upcoming edition of the most popular NBA video game, features a new storyline built around LeBron James. In the game mode, players go after the goal of winning five more rings for LeBron, with two options: continue with the Miami Heat or sign with a new team. However, players don't get to pick which team LeBron plays for. Instead, the storyline has him head to New York and play for the Knicks, where players then try to amass more championships against semi-fictionalized teams of the future.

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Though, the storyline says, in order to free up salary-cap space to sign LeBron, the Knicks have to trade Anthony, and they send him to the Bulls.

It's all part of an elaborate storyline that shuffles the NBA's rosters and creates a fictional rival for LeBron who plays for the Wizards, so reality isn't the top priority. But still, even the world of virtual entertainment is getting in on the conversation of what the Bulls could do to make a big splash to compete with LeBron's team — whichever one it might be — going forward.