Paxson: Bulls never received calls about Thibodeau

Paxson: Bulls never received calls about Thibodeau
July 31, 2014, 10:15 am
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CSN Staff

The Chicago Bulls are no strangers to the rumor mill, and nine times out of 10 the team steers clear of addressing the gossip surrounding their organization.

But on Thursday morning, VP of basketball operations John Paxson joined the Kap and Haugh Show and cleared up the rumors that once surrounded head coach Tom Thibodeau earlier in the year. 

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"I know we've taken criticism for not commenting on every report that's out there, but if you start doing that kind of thing, then you're wasting time and you're not attending to your business," Paxson said. "There was all this nonsense out there earlier this year about teams contacting us about Tom [Thibodeau] and wanting him. We never got one phone call from anybody and from any team about that because they knew he was under contract and they knew that we were committed to him. So it's just gossip, is what it is.

"It makes it difficult — it's not so much the relationship with guys because I think you establish those things, but you do have to reassure players that 'hey look, you are reading stuff but it doesn't mean that it's true, and we're going to try to be as upfront with you as possible.' You do have to do your business, you have to talk to teams to go about exploring every opportunity, but we try very hard to be upfront and honest with our guys and we'll often tell them when something's out there, 'hey, don't pay attention to the noise because that's all it is.'"