Robinson becomes newest addition to 'We Are All Watching'

Robinson becomes newest addition to 'We Are All Watching'
May 9, 2013, 4:00 pm
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Nate Robinson has commanded the national spotlight during this NBA postseason. From flu-stricken wins to triple overtime heroics, not much has been able to get in the way of the 5'9' point gaurd. It is difficult to believe that the offensive catalyst of this year's Bulls team was riding the bench with a grim future in Chicago not too long ago.

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These days, Robinson leads the Bulls in scoring and is considered an invaluable asset to their postseason campaign. The NBA has now recognized Robinson as the newest reason We Are All Watching, as proven by their decision to feature the player in their next video.

Chicago fans have watched Robinson's thrilling rise to the top all season long, but one thing is now for certain: the rest of the world is watching, as well.