Thibodeau on this year's Bulls team and Rose's return

Thibodeau on this year's Bulls team and Rose's return
October 17, 2013, 9:45 pm
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CSN Staff

By Nick Wilder

Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau has enjoyed having Derrick Rose back on the floor for the Bulls.

On Thursday, CSN Chicago hosted ‘Bulls Day,’ a gathering of Bulls players and employees to help promote the upcoming season. Nazr Mohammed, Tony Snell, Eric Murphy and Mike Dunleavy Jr. were some of the players on hand.

Thibodeau joined SportsTalk Live on Thursday to discuss various topics about this Bulls team going into their season opener against the Miami Heat on Oct. 29.

Thibodeau shared his thoughts on the new, fast-paced offense that the team has shown in the preseason.

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“Part of it is driven by the personnel that we have,” Thibodeau said. “Of course with Derrick being back, we want to take advantage of his speed. Also with Joakim Noah at center, we feel we can get out and run before the defense gets set. Jimmy Butler is a very good at running the floor too.”

The head coach was also asked if Rose is a better overall player than he was in the past.

"Yes, I think each year he [Rose] has gotten better from his experience and even though he didn’t play last year, he was practicing and observing,” Thibodeau said. “I think he was able to see things in our players and opponents last season, which he is now taking advantage of. There are very few people that want to see Derrick Rose coming at them with a head of steam."

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Rose has looked different this year, as opposed to last season when he was only practicing with the team, according to Thibodeau.

“Yes, I think with each game you see a growing confidence," Thibodeau said. "We’ve been seeing it in practice from the start of training camp. We didn’t see that last year during practice, he was much more guarded last year. I don’t think he had the explosion or change of direction that he has now.”