"5 Outs..." coming tonight to a TV near you

"5 Outs..." coming tonight to a TV near you
October 14, 2013, 2:30 pm
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CSN Staff

Kerry Wood, Sammy Sosa, Jim Hendry and others sat down and reflected on the series that changed their lives forever.

It's been 10 years since the 2003 NLCS, but the memories of what happened against the Florida Marlins are still fresh on the minds of players and fans. Tuesday at 9 p.m., Comcast SportsNet is debuting "5 Outs...", a documentary about the loss that kept the Cubs from going to their first World Series in 58 years.  

But before the presentation hits your screen, make sure you're caught up on the stories about the 2003 Cubs, told by those who were there to experience it all:

1. Kerry Wood will never forget the wild ride with 2003 Cubs

2. Cabrera, Pierre on 2003 NLCS: Wrigley was bananas

3. Theo Epstein on Cubs-Red Sox in 2003

4. Jim Hendry looks back on 2003

5. Sammy Sosa wants to come home to Wrigley

You can also catch the promos to the documentary "5 Outs."

Here's how the national media is talking about the 10-year anniversary:

A convenient scapegoat

10 years later, Bartman remains enigma

MLB blackout restrictions apply.  Program may not be available in your area.