Baseball Prospectus' Jason Parks drools over Cubs prospects

Baseball Prospectus' Jason Parks drools over Cubs prospects
March 4, 2014, 2:45 pm
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Tony Andracki

Sometimes, it can be hard to be patient. Especially when it comes to prospects.

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When the Cubs invited three of the "Core Four" to spring camp, it was considered an opportunity for Kris Bryant, Javier Baez and Albert Almora to showcase their elite skills.

And that's exactly what happened when Baseball Prospectus' Jason Parks got a glimpse of Cubs camp earlier this week, watching the trio of top prospects strut their stuff.

After his time in Mesa, Ariz., Parks wrote such a glowing review of all three players that any Cubs fan reading it may begin to salivate (or at least get up and pace the room) while trying to maintain patience in waiting for the kids to develop at a natural pace.

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Here's what Parks said about Almora:

Almora carries himself in a manner that stands out only because of the context of his surroundings. On the backfields, in a batting practice grouping with other prospects, Almora arrived at the cage with the confident gait and overall familiarity of a major leaguer coming to his 10th spring camp. His approach to the workout seemed casual—almost blasé—but when he stepped into the cage, he took off his nonchalant mask and went to work, besting some of the brightest bats on the farm with his impressive rounds of batting practice.

Parks on Bryant:

Bryant comes into the hitting zone clean and with a direct path, and when he extends he can really knock the living hell out of a baseball, with enough natural plane to hit home runs but not exaggerated to the point where his bat only sweeps through the zone. Because of his eye, he’s going to put himself in favorable hitting conditions, and even though his length can work against him in certain locations and he will swing and miss, he’s going to make enough contact for his raw power to play.

And finally, Parks on Baez, who boasts the best bat speed Parks says he's ever seen:

The violence in the swing and the confidence at the plate (almost sanguine at times) are both positive and negative qualities for Baez. You don’t want to change the hitter but you want him to refine a bit, and if he does, this is a superstar and a potential role 8 player at the major-league level. This is what elite looks like when it's young. But learning to find his game and make adjustments will be vital if he is to come close to that lofty, spectacular ceiling. It’s anything but a sure thing, but of all the players in the minors—and this includes Buxton, Taveras, Bogaerts, et al.​—Baez has a higher all-around ceiling.

Are Cubs fans swooning yet?