MLB Power Rankings: 2014 Week 10

MLB Power Rankings: 2014 Week 10
June 9, 2014, 3:00 pm
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Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz

There's not much separation outside of the top four in our rankings, which means over two-thirds of teams could conceivably make a playoff run. It also means teams like Boston, Cleveland and Washington can quickly lose or make up ground in the course of a week, with so many teams bunched together in the middle.

Who could challenge Detroit for the AL Central? Is Masahiro Tanaka enough to keep the Yankees in contention? How many more Rangers players will go on the disabled list in the next week? Stay with us every Monday for analysis and updated MLB Power Rankings from's Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz throughout the season.

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Rank J.J.  
Tony Comment
1 Giants Giants

JJ: Have won 14 of their last 17 games and enter the week as baseball's only 40+ win team.

Tony: Most well-rounded team in baseball. Can't deny them No. 1 any longer.

2 A's A's

JJ: This Joe Posnanski story is a fascinating look into how Oakland is still having success a dozen years after Moneyball.

Tony: If I had a vote and the season ended today, I'd say Josh Donaldson is the MVP.
3 Blue Jays Blue Jays

JJ: If they add a starter at the deadline (Samardzija, anyone?) they could very well cruise to an AL East title.

Tony: It's so much more fun when you're winning. Right, Lawrie?
4 Brewers Brewers

JJ: Aramis Ramirez homered in his return from the disabled list last week, and these guys continue to play real solid ball.

Tony: They haven't been dominating, but still hold 5-game lead in NL Central.
5 Angels Angels

JJ: Swept the White Sox and got Josh Hamilton back. It's still early, but they're looking like a good bet for a Wild Card spot.

Tony: Bet if you ask Chris Sale who AL MVP is, he says Trout. This wasn't even a bad pitch.
6 Tigers Tigers

JJ: Bullpen issues, Verlander struggling, Cabrera banged up...the AL Central is winnable, folks.

Tony: They desperately needed that Boston series after being swept by TOR.
7 Nationals Nationals

JJ: When Bryce Harper comes back, not sure Atlanta/Miami can keep pace.

Tony: Adam LaRoche (.921 OPS) is this week's "won't turn down for anything" player.
8 Mariners Mariners

JJ: Robinson Cano has been good, not great, but in a mediocre AL Wild Card chase that may be all they need.

Tony: When it's all said and done, this may be Felix Hernandez's best season.
9 Cardinals Braves

JJ: Bonus points for taking a series from the Blue Jays in Toronto over the weekend.

Tony: Their recent struggles has allowed WAS, MIA back in divisional race.
10 Dodgers Dodgers

JJ: Gotta figure they have another run in them this summer, right?

Tony: Dee Gordon's hitting just .207 (19-for-92) since May 10.
11 Marlins Cardinals

JJ: Had Jose Fernandez not got hurt, I'd pick these guys to win a Wild Card spot. Henderson Alvarez/Nathan Eovaldi still an excellent 1-2 atop the rotation.

Tony: After a slow start, Matt Carpenter has come on strong the last 5-6 weeks.
12 Braves Orioles

JJ: With the kind of pitching they've had so far it's criminal they're only three games over .500.

Tony: Nelson Cruz on pace for 56 HRs, 146 RBI. How often do you think MLB "randomly" tests him for PEDs?
13 Indians Royals

JJ: Is this the AL Central team to make a run and challenge Detroit? On a roll and get Nick Swisher back this week.

Tony: Only San Diego has a worse team OPS than Royals (.661).
14 Orioles Indians

JJ: Manny Machado will grow up eventually. Hopefully.

Tony: They've won 8 of 9 and only loss in that span was to Darvish.
15 Royals Pirates

JJ: One game under .500, negative run differential...but only four games behind Detroit. There's still a chance.

Tony: Making their push to .500, but draw a hot Cubs team for 4 games now.
16 Yankees Marlins

JJ: Enter the week at .500 and slipping fast.

Tony: Even though they were almost swept in Chicago, still tied for division lead.
17 Reds Rockies

JJ: Only San Diego and Atlanta have scored fewer runs so far.

Tony: They've lost 9 of 10 and suddenly look like the 2012 Rockies again.
18 White Sox Yankees

JJ: Four-game series against Detroit this week could go a long way toward figuring out which direction they're going in.

Tony: Just got Beltran back, but Yanks need him and McCann to step it up big time.

19 Pirates Reds

JJ: Fringy contender has allowed more runs (266) than any NL Central team.

Tony: Playin' well right now and Votto is about to come back.
20 Rangers White Sox

JJ: (Rangers call up Ned Stark, Ned Stark immediately goes on 15-day disabled list with decapitation.)

Tony: Jose Abreu's still mashing the ball, but .308 OBP needs to improve.
21 Twins Rangers

JJ: Played over their heads for two months, and Kendrys Morales won't save them from AL Central basement.

Tony: If that Moreland injury isn't the final straw, than what would be?
22 Red Sox Red Sox

JJ: Alright, maybe these guys just aren't that good.

Tony: Only Tampa Bay has a worse record in AL than defending champs.
23 Rockies Twins

JJ: Have one win in their last 10 games and only Arizona has allowed more runs.

Tony: Loving Dozier's breakout season. Could be a 30-30 guy with great on-base skills and still only 27.
24 Astros Cubs

JJ: Houston at No. 24! Jon Singleton + George Springer + Dallas Keuchel showing plenty of promise.

Tony: Playing really well as bullpen emerges as one of the best in the league sans Veras.
25 Cubs Padres

JJ: Last week's five-game winning streak temporarily pulls them out of the bottom three.

Tony: This offense is pathetic. They've scored 17 runs less than next-closest team (ATL) in MLB in 2 more games.
26 Mets Mets

JJ: Enter the week losers of six in a row and not much reason to believe they'll climb back into playoff contention.

Tony: They were soaring up this list until they ran into the brick wall that is the Cubs.
27 Padres Astros

JJ: Fourth-worst run differential in baseball; a team that inspires high levels of ennui.

Tony: With Singleton, Springer in the fold, I'm excited to see where 'Stros go in 2nd half.
28 Diamondbacks Diamondbacks

JJ: Oddly enough, they're 17-14 on the road and 11-23 at home.

Tony: So they've won 7 of 11. They still have the 2nd-worst run differential in the league.
29 Phillies Phillies

JJ: Larry Bowa tells it like it is.

Tony: Poor Ryno. It's been a rough year in Philly.
30 Rays Rays

JJ: Wonder when they reach the point of punting the season, dealing David Price and getting No. 1 overall pick next year.

Tony: Yikes.