MLB Power Rankings: 2014 Week 3

MLB Power Rankings: 2014 Week 3
April 21, 2014, 5:45 pm
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Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz

We're three full weeks into the 2014 major league season, and a few trends have emerged -- even if only a handful of games have actually been played.

But it's Monday, which means the time for the weekly MLB Power Rankings from's Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz. Stay tuned for updated rankings every Monday throughout the 2014 campaign. And no, we don't need Tommy John surgery (yet).

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Rank J.J.  
Tony Comment
1 Braves Brewers

JJ: So far, so good: Ervin Santana has a 0.86 ERA through three starts.

Tony: Until somebody proves otherwise, Brewers are top dogs.

2 A's Braves

JJ: Left for dead a few years ago, Scott Kazmir (1.65 ERA) has been one of baseball's best pitchers through three weeks.

Tony: Just imagine if JUpton was actually consistent.
3  Brewers A's

JJ: Baseball could use a little flair to widen its appeal, so keep doing you, Carlos Gomez.

Tony: I got your back, Jed.
4 Dodgers Dodgers

JJ: Juan Uribe cranked a game-tying homer off Addison Reed last week. Palms!

Tony: Clayton Kershaw will hopefully be back in a couple weeks.
5 Nationals Cardinals

JJ: Avoiding the Bryce Harper nonsense, Stephen Strasburg's having a weird year, giving up six runs (though three were unearned) in two of his five starts.

Tony: Matt Adams is looking like the real deal.
6 Cardinals Nationals

JJ: Enter the week with the eighth-lowest team slugging percentage in baseball (but seventh-best ERA).

Tony: The best take on the Bryce Harper hustle drama.
7 Rangers Tigers

JJ: Kevin Kouzmanoff, who hasn't played in the majors since 2011, is hitting .366/.409/.634 and has been worth 1.1 WAR more than Prince Fielder.

Tony: Amazing they're 7th in MLB in AVG (.260) despite Miggy's struggles (.220).
8 Giants Giants

JJ: Bumgarmer-Hudson-Cain look great atop the rotation; still have to figure out what to do with Lincecum at the back.

Tony: Just think how good they'll be when Pence, Panda start contributing.
9 Tigers Rangers

JJ: Unceremoniously dumped Opening Day hero Alex Gonzalez, but issues at shortstop not holding them back.

Tony: Alex Rios on pace for 205 hits, but has just a .780 OPS.
10 Blue Jays Royals

JJ: Mark Buehrle's still got it

Tony: The sun is starting to shine in KC.
11 Red Sox Blue Jays

JJ: Began righting the ship with series wins over the White Sox and Orioles last week.

Tony: Mark Buehrle defying logic, common sense and gravity, probably.
12 Royals Pirates

JJ: Despite mediocre/bad starts from Jeremy Guthrie and Bruce Chen, these guys are pitching the hell out of the ball (3.20 ERA, seventh-best in MLB).

Tony: I actually like the Ike Davis move. Worth the gamble.
13 Rays Rays

JJ: Chris Archer and David Price look solid atop the rotation, but can they hang on until Alex Cobb returns in a month or so?

Tony: Wil Myers turning it up, looking like a great piece alongside Longoria.
14 Yankees Yankees

JJ: With Ivan Nova out, even more pressure on C.C. Sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda to pitch better.

Tony: All these big free agent signings and it's Yangervis Solarte stealing the show in the Bronx.
15 Angels Reds

JJ: Albert Pujols hit 17 homers in 99 games last year; he has six in 18 games this year.

Tony: I truly believe Billy Hamilton is still very valuable even if he only gets on base at a .250 clip.
16 Pirates Orioles

JJ: Ike Davis hasn't had a really good season since his rookie year of 2010. Lots of homers, not much on base -- Pirates already have that in Pedro Alvarez.

Tony: Chris Tillman is becoming a bonafide ace.
17 Orioles Red Sox

JJ: Chris Davis had 7 homers through 17 games last year; he only has one in 17 games this year.

Tony: Xander Bogaerts is the real deal.
18 Rockies Angels

JJ: They're swinging it up and down the lineup, but pitching -- as usual -- remains the concern here.

Tony: Albert Pujols (.936 OPS, 6 HR) is back, y'all.
19 Padres White Sox

JJ: A team OBP of .284 won't cut it, even with a pitching staff that's throwing pretty well.

Tony: Did I jinx Sale by calling him the AL Cy Young favorite?
20 Mariners Twins

JJ: Contenders probably shouldn't get swept by Miami

Tony: They're .500?? With that pitching staff??
21 Indians Rockies

JJ: The good news is (according to FIP) Justin Masterson, Corey Kluber and Carlos Carrasco have all pitched better than their ERAs indicate.

Tony: #RallySquirrel
22 Mets Indians

JJ: Uninspiring start to the season, despite Billy Hamilton's general awesomeness.

Tony: What is with these squirrels, lately?
23 Reds Padres

JJ: Billy Hamilton showed at least some signs of improvement over the weekend (5/15, 3 SB).

Tony: You can move the fences in all you want, this is just a bad offensive team.
24 White Sox Mets

JJ: Adam Dunn is off to a vintage Adam Dunn start, hitting .269/.418/.481 -- a line that looks somewhat similar to the ones he put up in Cincinnati a decade ago.

Tony: Curtis Granderson has 8 hits and 20 strikeouts.
25 Twins Marlins

JJ: Valiant start to the season, entering the week at .500 but still in rebuilding mode.

Tony: Free Giancarlo Stanton. Trade him, please. Please.
26 Marlins Mariners

JJ: Jose Fernandez may get all the attention but Henderson Alvarez -- who threw a two-hit shutout against Seattle over the weekend -- deserves some dap too.

Tony: Getting a bit unlucky; 7-11 record doesn't reflect -1 run differential.
27 Phillies Phillies

JJ: Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard look like their old selves…and this team still isn't very good.

Tony: Crazy this team is a cellar-dweller after a perennial contender just a few short years ago.
28 Cubs Cubs

JJ: Jeff Samardzija might just have to hit a home run and throw a shutout to get himself a win at this point.

Tony: At least Rizzo, Castro are giving fans reason to be positive.
29 Diamondbacks Astros

JJ: Mark Trumbo has six home runs…but a .265 OBP and 16 total hits in 83 plate appearances.

Tony: Good move to bring Springer up, and try to stir up some hope.
30 Astros Diamondbacks

JJ:  Entering the week, they're hitting under the Mendoza line as a team (.192).

Tony: Their run differential is already -51. Whoa.