MLB Power Rankings: Week 21

MLB Power Rankings: Week 21
September 3, 2013, 6:45 pm
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Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz

Every week during the MLB season,'s Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz will roll out updated power rankings.

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Note: We skipped Week 12 due to other obligations.

Rank J.J.  
Tony Comment
1 Braves Dodgers

JJ: Alex Wood an impressive find: 3.47 ERA in nine starts.

Tony: Still red hot and showing no signs of slowing.

2 Red Sox Braves

JJ: Swept the White Sox over the weekend, all of a sudden 5 1/2 games in first.

Tony: Boasting MLB's best record.
3 Dodgers Tigers

JJ: Yasiel Puig and Johnny Manziel are basically the same person, apparently.

Tony: They look mortal when Cabrera isn't in the lineup.
4 Tigers Red Sox

JJ: Justin Verlander's last start: 7 IP, 4 H, 0 ER, 6 K.

Tony: Staved off the latest run by Tampa Bay. Will they hold on to the division?
5 A's Pirates

JJ: Enter Tuesday tied with Texas after winning four in a row.

Tony: I was five the last time the Pirates finished .500 or better. Whoa.
6 Cardinals A's

JJ: Tied with Pittsburgh, not playing too well…but get Yadi back, so I think they'll win the division.

Tony: Just like that, they're back in the game.
7 Pirates Cardinals

JJ: Morneau, Byrd, Buck are decent pieces, but not sure they get them over the top in the division.

Tony: It's going to be a fierce battle to avoid the one-game playoff in the NL Central.
8 Rangers Rangers

JJ: Could be facing another one-game wild card playoff if they can't cool off the A's.

Tony: Couldn't put A's away. Going to be one heck of a stretch run again in AL West.
9 Reds Reds

JJ: Not exactly playing great baseball lately, but have such a big cushion they'll be fine.

Tony: Can they make a run to the division title?
10 Orioles Rays

JJ: Just two back of the slumping Rays for second wild card spot.

Tony: Five straight losses won't cut it.
11 Rays Orioles

JJ: Entered Tuesday losers of five in a row.

Tony: Back in the race with TB's dry spell.
12 Yankees Yankees

JJ: Need to take advantage of playing the White Sox this week.

Tony: Believe it or not, only a half-game behind O's.
13 Indians Royals

JJ: Sinking fast, and lose Justin Masterson. Not good.

Tony: Future is bright in KC.
14 Royals Indians

JJ: Even if they don't make playoffs, Hosmer's rebound season (15 HR, 2.3 WAR) an encouraging development.

Tony: They are the streakiest team in the league, no doubt.
15 Nationals Nationals

JJ: Desmond, Harper, Werth combined for 12.1 WAR…and the offense still isn't any good.

Tony: At least they're over .500, even if they won't make the playoffs.
16 Diamondbacks Diamondbacks

JJ: Any final chances of making the playoffs probably swept away with recent slump.

Tony: Led the division for much of the year. Now have just a 3.2 percent of making playoffs.
17 Angels Angels

JJ: Hottest team in baseball is 9-1 in last 10…and is still eight games under .500.

Tony: Won 9 of 10. Interesting...
18 Rockies Rockies

JJ: 40-30 at home, 25-44 on the road.

Tony: Surprisingly, still only -15 in run differential.
19 Mets Phillies

JJ: Only a -34 run differential, pretty solid for a team that's really not any good.

Tony: -116 run differential indicates a far worse team than 63-75.
20 Blue Jays Mets

JJ: Buehrle and Dickey pitching well…about four months too late.

Tony: Could call this season a "pleasant surprise" that they're only 12 under.
21 Giants Blue Jays

JJ: .374 team slugging percentage second-worst in baseball.

Tony: Played better since 7-game losing streak.
22 Padres Giants

JJ: 15 games under .500, but they get to live in San Diego, so tough to feel sorry for them.

Tony: Man-handled ARI in latest series, but too little, too late.
23 Mariners Padres

JJ: Interested to see how the Felix vs. Scherzer Cy Young battle shapes up.

Tony: Can't feel too bad. Everybody's been swept by Dodgers lately.
24 Phillies Mariners

JJ: Hey, they finally traded Michael Young (probably a month too late).

Tony: At least they know they're way better than Houston.
25 Twins Twins

JJ: Kinda sad to think how good Morneau was before his concussion -- and then traded for just Alex Presley.

Tony: Man, they got nothing back for Morneau.
26 Brewers Brewers

JJ: At least Roll Out the Barrel is a catchy tune.

Tony: Claimed a series victory over PIT last week. Huh.
27 Cubs White Sox

JJ: Losing the futility battle for the No. 3 pick next year.

Tony: Follow up a 10-of-12 winning stretch with a 4-game losing streak. Seems about right.
28 White Sox Cubs

JJ: Interested to see how Semien, Johnson do as September call-ups.

Tony: They're comin for that No. 3 pick.
29 Marlins Marlins

JJ: I dunno, something about Jose Fernandez being awesome?

Tony: Scored just 435 runs. Hah.
30 Astros Astros

JJ: Not turning the massive profit Forbes reported, which somehow turned into a good thing for them.

Tony: Given up 723 runs. Lolz.