What fellow Hall of Famers say about Greg Maddux

What fellow Hall of Famers say about Greg Maddux
July 27, 2014, 10:30 am
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COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. — Former Cubs pitcher Greg Maddux will be inducted in the National Baseball Hall of Fame later Sunday afternoon along with five others, including White Sox slugger Frank Thomas and ex-Sox manager Tony La Russa.

Here’s what some of Maddux’s fellow Hall of Famers said about him.

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Wade Boggs, 3B

— (Facing him is) like playing whiffle ball in the backyard. His ball moved all over the place. He’d start it in, it’d run over the plate. He’d cut it in on your hands. The ball does exactly like that with Whiffle Ball. He wasn’t a lot of fun to face.

Thomas, 1B/DH

— Yeah I faced Maddux a couple times in All-Star Games and (Tom) Glavine first in interleague. Those guys were gritty. They wouldn’t give in. They threw strikes. They commanded the strike zone. But they were just artists. I’ve got a lot of respect for them. Getting to know these guys over the last six months has been special. They’re some fun guys but they’re very intense. You can tell.

(Maddux) never frustrated me, he just knew how to paint the zone. You knew you were not going to get anything out over the plate. You just had to focus on the corners and take what we have gave you.

George Brett, 1B/3B

— (Maddux and Glavine) were the perfect type of pitchers for (the PED era) because they didn’t try to blow it by you. They outsmarted you. They had pinpoint control. They didn’t throw the ball hard and when they got in trouble, I think they threw the ball softer. In an era where everybody’s big and strong trying to hit home runs…they were perfect pitchers because they could change speeds, they could throw it in and out and basically throw strikes all day long.