Mullin: My bracket’s fine – sorry ‘bout yours

Mullin: My bracket’s fine – sorry ‘bout yours
March 25, 2014, 12:15 pm
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Two weekends into March Madness and, what, 100 million, (200 million?) people are miserable because their brackets developed a virus and they aren’t in the hunt for Warren Buffett’s billion-dollar payoff for a perfect NCAA bracket (that’s “billion,” pronounced “BEE’ yun,” by the way).

I am not one of those 100 million (pronounced “MEE’ yun,” also by the way) because my bracket is still in play, because my bracket consists of the Dayton Flyers. Period.

I was a junior at UD in ‘67 when we were laying waste to Tennessee (Tom Boerwinkle, Rob Widby, 8th-ranked) and North Carolina, 4th-ranked with Larry Miller, voted in 2002 as one of the 50 greatest players in ACC conference history). After that it was the Finals against UCLA and Lew Alcindor, Lucius Allen, Mike Warren and Lynn Shackelford. Shackleford played briefly in the ABA but the other three were NBA’ers, so c’mon.

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The past may indeed be for cowards and losers, but it’s also for people who know a savvy pick in an NCAA pool. The Flyers dispatched No. 3 Syracuse and Ohio State (that latter of which had a little nip to it because that’s my daughter’s double-alma mater).

But here’s the best part: The Flyers have Stanford on Thursday. No problem there. This is followed by Florida against — UCLA. No Alcindor. No Jabbar. No Allen. No Warren. No Wooden.

Just a reckoning.

Nobody was going to win Buffett’s bee’yun bucks anyway. But the reckoning with UCLA…

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