SportsTalk Live: Manziel suspended for first half vs. Rice

SportsTalk Live: Manziel suspended for first half vs. Rice
August 28, 2013, 9:30 pm
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CSN Staff

By Paul Roumeliotis

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel has been suspended for the first half of the team's season opener against Rice. Manziel was allegedly selling his own autographs for cash but no evidence was found. However, since Manziel violated an NCAA bylaw for inadvertently signing autographs, 30 minutes of playing time was all the Heisman Trophy winner received.

SportsTalk Live took this conversation to a whole new level with the NCAA. "I hate that I'm having to sit here and defend Johnny Manziel, I really do, because I don't think he should be the martyr of this issue," said Seth Gruen from the Chicago Sun-Times. "I think there are so many athletes that have come before him [Manziel] that have also been taken advantage of. Tim Tebow, for one."

"Who cares?" said David Kaplan. "They're giving you a forum to get yourself to the NFL. And an education."

Breathe Aggie fans, your star quarterback is here to stay. What do you think about this situation? Comment below your thoughts on Johnny Manziel's suspension. You can watch the full debate from SportsTalk Live in the video above.


Collegiate athletes being taken advantage of.

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