Kelly hopes Hendrix pushes for snaps, not starting role yet

Kelly hopes Hendrix pushes for snaps, not starting role yet
October 1, 2013, 7:15 pm
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There's no quarterback controversy at Notre Dame — that much has been made clear over the last few days. While Tommy Rees has struggled recently, there's no quick fix on this roster.

But for Andrew Hendrix, there is an opportunity to see more snaps. Barring a massive improvement, he won't vault past Rees for a starting role. But there is a niche for him to fill as an option quarterback who, coach Brian Kelly hopes, can eventually exploit defenses with his arm as well.

The door is open, though Hendrix hasn't done enough to get through it just yet. He rushed five times for 10 yards against Oklahoma and was 0-of-1 throwing, missing a wide-open receiver over the top on play-action.

"He's got to be more effective than he was on Saturday," Kelly said. "He can't go in there and we get two false start penalties. We can't miss a wide‑open receiver. We've got to do a better job on our zone read."

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Kelly didn't rule out the possibility of Hendrix pushing Rees for the No. 1 quarterback job, but he's a ways away from sniffing that competition. For now, it's Rees' job, but Kelly does hope Hendrix can make more of a dent in Notre Dame's offense going forward.

"I don't know that you can go into the game and say, well, I'm just happy with a half‑dozen snaps," Kelly said. "I hope that — and the way we presented it to Andrew is, look, you've got to help us win. You've got to help us win football games. So his mindset has to be, look, I want to keep adding more to my plate. I want more and more."