Stoops: No revenge factor for Oklahoma

Stoops: No revenge factor for Oklahoma
September 28, 2013, 8:00 pm
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Revenge on Notre Dame wasn't a part of Bob Stoops' plan on Saturday, as Oklahoma beat Notre Dame, 35-21, a year after losing to the Irish, 30-13, in Norman.

That loss was just the fifth at home in Stoops' 15-year tenure at Oklahoma, and it was the Sooners' second in Norman that year. There was plenty of noise heading into Saturday's rematch in South Bend about the revenge factor, but Stoops' didn't care to engage in it.

"To me, all you're talking about is revenge you're not giving the other team enough respect for coming in and beating you," Stoops said. "That's something you say, 'How could they beat us?' You know why they beat us a year ago? They beat about everybody until the last game."

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Still, Oklahoma's win on Saturday was just the second over Notre Dame in 11 contests in program history. A number of those were bitter defeats — the 1957 game, in particular, still resonates with longtime Oklahoma fans as it ended the Sooners' record winning streak.

And even for Stoops, who also lost to Notre Dame in 1999 — his first year coaching the Sooners — he recognized beating the Irish does yield a greater impact with Oklahoma's fanbase.

"I'm sure I'm glad for the older Oklahomans that have been through all those games and Notre Dame had beaten us, that we get some level of satisfaction winning this one," Stoops said. "Who knows when we'll play again, so they can live it up and say we got you last until we go again."