Rickey Green to Chicago State?

Rickey Green to Chicago State?
March 11, 2013, 11:15 am
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Imagine if Rickey Green and John Robinson of Hirsch's 1973 state championship team had chosen to play at Chicago State rather than Michigan?

It could have happened.

After the 1973 season, Hirsch coach Charles Stimpson was offered the head coaching position at Chicago State University.

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And the seniors from Stimpson's newly crowned state championship team, including Green, Robinson, Josh Smith, Mike Matthews and Pete Allen, agreed that they would enroll at Chicago State in order to play for Stimpson and remain together.

But Stimpson discouraged the plan and opted to remain at Hirsch.

Green and Robinson went on to lead Michigan to second place in the NCAA tournament in 1976.

Chicago State will never know what could have been.