Bill Daly


Rumors concerning the salary cap have been hot and cold the last few weeks.


If there's one way to get the hockey world buzzing in August, it's talks of relocation and expansion. Add Las Vegas into the mix, and that'll really get things going.


From Comcast SportsNetThe NHL appears headed toward a 48-game season for the second time in two decades."I think 48 is most likely at this point, unless the players can expedite their ratifica


From Comcast SportsNetNEW YORK (AP) -- The next round of NHL cuts could be the deepest yet.With no deal in sight and no negotiations planned, the NHL chopped another two weeks off the schedule and


From Comcast SportsNetNEW YORK (AP) -- The NHL eliminated 16 more days from the regular-season schedule Monday, and if a deal with the players' association isn't reached soon the whole se