The narrative surrounding the Bulls now revolves around — what else — their health, as the curiosity with Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah will no longer be hidden with Game 1 of their playoff series


Watch as the Bulls take on the Milwaukee Bucks tonight in Game 1 of the first round on Comcast SportsNet.


When a raucous United Center crowd rises to its feet Saturday evening, it won’t be the first reminder of the Bulls’ playoff journey finally beginning — a seven-month process full of bumps and brui


With the Bulls set to kick off their first round playoff series against the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday, Bulls Insider Vincent Goodwill and Mark Strotman are chatting about the Bulls' prospect


With the Bulls' playoff run getting set to kick off Saturday evening, the Milwaukee Bucks aren’t expected to provide much of a challenge, but there are a few players who can give the Bulls problem