Jim Caldwell


Various Bears have spoken the “P” word – playoffs – with an even-handedness over the past couple of weeks, as if they took seriously the possibility of playing a 2015 season of more than 16 games


The 2013-14 Bears lost four straight games to the Detroit Lions, the first time that level of futility has occurred since the woeful times of the late ‘60s-early ‘70s.


While the growth of positive momentum was palpable in Chicago after a second straight Bears come-from-behind win last Sunday, something quite different and more sinister was building over in Detro


Chatting with ProFootballTalk.com legend Mike Florio on NBC Radio’s “PFT Live!” Wednesday morning was a good chance to noodle over how a call of 10-6 could


The Baltimore Ravens wasted little time in finding a replacement for former offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak.