Hahn backs effort of Ventura, coaches

Hahn backs effort of Ventura, coaches
August 1, 2013, 11:45 am
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CLEVELAND -- Rick Hahn doesn’t think the White Sox need a new manager.

The White Sox -- who entered Thursday 25 games below .500 -- might be at their lowest point since September 1989, but Hahn doesn’t have any plans for a managerial switch.

The White Sox general manager backed the efforts of manager Robin Ventura when he appeared on 670 AM on Thursday morning.

Hahn rather appreciates the actions of Ventura, who finished third in the American League manager of the year vote, and his staff. He likes their low-key approach and preference to take action behind the scenes.

“It isn’t always available to the media, to the fans, which is unfortunate because they don’t see the anger, they don’t see the high energy, they don’t see the confrontations and communication with the players,” Hahn said. “And I think to Robin and his staff’s credit, that stays behind closed doors, where the players and the staff would prefer that to take place.”

It isn’t an easy time to be in Ventura’s shoes right now.

The team has traded three of its veteran leaders on the pitching staff over the last three weeks and the tough losses continue to mount.

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The White Sox have lost two of their first three games at Cleveland on walkoff home runs and have blown late leads in the last two.

Ventura said trying to be positive is “probably the hardest part right now.”

He understands the criticism and knew he might have to deal with it when he took over as manager.

“That’s just part of being in this job and I think, it’s not easy,” Ventura said. “It’s one of those that you just got to take it. I’m the one in charge and you just have to take it. It doesn’t change my focus on what we are trying to do or win games or teach or anything like that; it’s just part of having the job.”

Hahn said he sees the same effort from Ventura as he did last season when the White Sox won 85 games. Had there been a difference in “effort, focus or message to the players,” Hahn said changes could be in store.

That’s not the case.

“At this time, we don’t feel changes are merited in the near future,” Hahn said.