MLB Power Rankings: Week 7

MLB Power Rankings: Week 7
May 21, 2013, 1:15 pm
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Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz

Every week during the MLB season,'s Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz will roll out updated power rankings. Check out our rankings to date: Preseason | Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 | Week 6

Rank JJ Tony Comment
1 Rangers Rangers

JJ: With Kinsler out, it's Jurickson time.

Tony: Best pitching staff in the majors has surrendered 17 runs last 2 games.

2 Cardinals Cardinals

JJ: Given their track record, can probably sustain losing Garcia for the year.

Tony: Shelby Miller is not only a ROY candidate, but Cy Young as well.
3 Yankees Yankees

JJ: Vernon Wells: .288/.345/.513, 10 HR. It's 2013.

Tony: Robinson Cano is dynamite. The Yanks can't let him leave town this winter.
4 Red Sox Red Sox

JJ: Looks like another classic Yankees-Red Sox battle for the AL East.

Tony: After slight valley, they've gotten back into a groove.
5 Reds Tigers

JJ: NL's second-best team getting overshadowed by St. Louis so far.

Tony: Cabrera gunnin' for that second-straight Triple Crown, eh?
6 Indians Reds

JJ: Not sold on rotation behind Masterson, but he's pitching like an ace.

Tony: Obviously have a stellar rotation if they can afford to send down promising lefty Cingrani.
7 Braves Braves

JJ: B.J. Upton through 40 games last year: .329 OBP. Through 40 in 2013: .239. Oof.

Tony: Four-game win streak after a rough couple of weeks.
8 Tigers Indians

JJ: Miguel Cabrera on Sunday night. Ridiculous.

Tony: Finally, they're playing up to form.
9 Diamondbacks Nationals

JJ: Patrick Corbin on Monday: CG, 3 H, 1 ER, 10 K. 23-year-old has a 1.44 ERA.

Tony: Oddly still hovering around the .500 mark. Should be better.
10 Pirates Rays

JJ: Jason Grilli has been absurd: 0.94 ERA, 0.64 FIP, 14.19 K/9 and 17 saves.

Tony: The offense isn't the problem anymore. Pitching is, now.
11 Giants Pirates

JJ: Nearly one in every five fly balls Matt Cain has given up have gone for home runs.

Tony: This may just be the best Pirates team in more than 20 years.
12 Rays Diamondbacks

JJ: Injury to Price doesn't sound serious, per injury guru Will Carroll.

Tony: Paul Goldschmidt: NL MVP?
13 A's Orioles

JJ: Jarrod Parker showed some signs of life in his last start, which would be a big boost.

Tony: Chris Davis: AL MVP?
14  Nationals Giants

JJ: Offense has become Bryce Harper and nobody else.

Tony: Only a +3 run differential. Strange to see on them.
15 Rockies A's

JJ: So...they might actually have a good staff (3.88 ERA/3.67 FIP).

Tony: Will challenge for an AL Wild Card spot.
16 Orioles Royals

JJ: Dropping fast, although young core looks promising for the future.

Tony: Is Hosmer following the Alex Gordon career timeline?
17 Royals Rockies

JJ: Lost their early-season mojo.

Tony: +28 run differential shows they're here to stay.
18 Phillies Phillies

JJ: Cliff Lee CS, Eric Kratz game-tying HR, Freddy Galvis walk-off HR. Against Aroldis Chapman. YCPB.

Tony: Yep, this isn't their year. Time to acquire some young talent.
19 Padres Mariners

JJ: Offense coming together nicely, but starting pitching still lacking.

Tony: Remember when Dustin Ackley was a can't-miss prospect?
20 White Sox White Sox

JJ: Since Ventura had that practice, they've looked like a decent team.

Tony: They've been playing a whole lot better lately.
21 Mariners Padres

JJ: Raul Ibanez turns 40 on June 2 and has eight home runs.

Tony: Seriously? Jason Marquis is not only still pitching, but has SIX wins?
22 Blue Jays Cubs

JJ: Squarely muddled in that 22-26 range on these power rankings.

Tony: Run differential (-3) says they're not as bad as their 18-25 record.
23 Angels Twins

JJ: Go read Posnanski on Pujols. We'll be here when you get back.

Tony: Only Houston (7-16) has a worse home record than Twins (9-13).
24 Cubs Brewers

JJ: Why freaking out about early-season results is misplaced: Anthony Rizzo has 10 HR with a .342 OPB.

Tony: Gallardo still hasn't turned it around.
25 Twins Mets

JJ: Rug pulled out from under them while on six-game losing streak.

Tony: Can't win many games when 4-5 hitters (Davis, Duda) combine for .187 AVG.
26 Brewers  Angels

JJ: Corey Hart's still a ways away, just like this team is from contention.

Tony: Scioscia's job really should be on the line after back-to-back disappointing seasons.
27 Dodgers Dodgers

JJ: Maybe they'd start playing better if Mattingly trimmed those sideburns.

Tony: Money doesn't buy happiness or wins.
28 Mets Blue Jays

JJ: Saw them in person on Saturday, and...woof. They're bad.

Tony: Does anybody truly believe they can climb back in the race?
29 Astros Marlins

JJ: Yeah, putting them ahead of Miami. FanGraphs predicts they'll have a better record.

Tony: What's more sad, the fact the Marlins are averaging just 2.7 runs per game or...
30 Marlins Astros

JJ: Something positive: Christian Yelich is hitting .310/.375/.637 with 6 HR in Double-A.

Tony: ...The Astros are allowing 5.9 runs per game?