Rios has mixed feelings as deadline approaches

Rios has mixed feelings as deadline approaches
July 24, 2013, 7:00 pm
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As more reports suggest Alex Rios could be traded on Wednesday, the outfielder admits he’s in a bittersweet spot.

One the one hand, Rios, whom’s T.R. Sullivan said is being heavily pursued by the Texas Rangers, is flattered other teams are interested in his services. But after several seasons on the South Side, Rios also appreciates the comfort he has found with the White Sox.

Rios, who will hit third on Wednesday as the White Sox face the Detroit Tigers, added he has no idea whether he’d be traded. The outfielder has a .278/.333/.442 slash line to go along with 12 homers and 48 RBI this season.

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“It’s a good thing when people want you to be part of a good thing,” Rios said. “But at the same time you have mixed feelings. You have spent so much time in an organization. You know pretty much everybody and you have to start over in another place. It’s tough. But it is what it is.”

Whereas Jake Peavy said general manager Rick Hahn has kept him abreast of activity on the trade market, Rios said his sources are limited. But as the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline grows nearer, Rios is also very aware something could happen soon.

“When that date is arriving you get a little anxious to see what your fate is going to be,” Rios said. “Hopefully after July 31 it is going to be normal. ... I just hear what the media inside the clubhouse, when they ask me, that’s the only thing. But I don’t have people asking me or telling me what is going on.”

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While the Rangers’ outfield boasts a .762 OPS, nobody with more than 100 plate appearances is higher than .740 aside from All Star Nelson Cruz. Cruz is one of 20 players who allegedly have ties to the Biogenesis scandal, and he could be suspended shortly. Rios would provide Texas with security were Cruz to be suspended and a dynamic player to boot.

The Rangers likely had concerns about how Rios would handle a trade after manager Robin Ventura said his veteran outfielder might be distracted by rumors earlier this month.

Rios was removed from Friday’s game after he failed to run out a ground ball. But he has responded well and probably alleviated some of those concerns as he has seven hits in 16 at-bats and six RBI since.