Bell: Rodon would benefit from signing with White Sox soon

Bell: Rodon would benefit from signing with White Sox soon
June 21, 2014, 2:00 pm
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MINNEAPOLIS — Carlos Rodon’s negotiations might go down to the July 18 deadline. But White Sox assistant general manager Buddy Bell said Saturday morning he’d love for the left-hander to sign sooner, if only because he thinks it wouldn’t be long before Rodon reaches the majors.

The White Sox selected the junior pitcher with the No. 3 pick out of North Carolina State earlier this month. There has been some discussion that Rodon is close to major league ready as one scout this spring said he’s already a top-10 pitcher on the planet.

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“I’m sort of old school on this, that it is what it is,” Bell said. “You want to get started sooner than later. You are losing out. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this.

“But I just think the sooner you sign and with his ability and how I see him, this kid is going to be in the big leagues soon. It just seems to me if money is the issue, he’s going to make a helluva lot more getting it started than not. This kid is a tough, big, solid big leaguer. I just hope he gets in going sooner than later.”

Some have suggested that Rodon and his advisor Scott Boras are seeking a deal for above the slotted $5.72 million signing bonus.

Through bonuses saved on other top-10 picks, the White Sox have roughly $6.1 million available to sign Rodon, according to’s Jim Callis. The team could surpass that amount by another $570,000 without forfeiting a future draft pick, per Baseball America.