Does Ozzie Guillen want another stint as White Sox skipper?

Does Ozzie Guillen want another stint as White Sox skipper?
July 16, 2014, 1:15 pm
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CSN Staff

Ozzie Guillen? As White Sox manager? Again?

The Sox and the manager who led the team to the 2005 World Series win didn't leave on the best terms back in 2011, but does that mean there's no chance of an Ozzie sequel on the South Side?

If it's up to Guillen, he'd totally take the gig again.

‘‘I wish,’’ Guillen told the Sun-Times' Joe Cowley. ‘‘But if I say yes, then I don’t respect Robin Ventura. But that’s not where I’m coming from. When Robin gets tired of managing or he’s had enough, I would like to be back. But it’s up to them. If I wear a uniform and it’s the White Sox, that will be special.’’

Guillen posted a 678-617 record in eight seasons as manager, leading the Sox to two division titles and a World Series championship.

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Ventura is in his third season as Sox manager, and though the team hasn't reached the postseason under his leadership, that's in part been thanks to what general manager Rick Hahn calls a reshaping of the team's roster.

Guillen made a point not to step on Ventura's toes, and it could be part of the repair work he's doing on his relationship with the team, including with chairman Jerry Reinsdorf. The chairman recently attended Guillen's son wedding.

‘‘It was important for me, important for him, too,’’ Guillen told Cowley. ‘‘All of my family. We are where we are as a family because of Jerry. Jerry gave me the opportunity to play for his team, opportunity to manage his team, opportunity to be a success as a manager and a player. That was a special moment as a family, and it was great he was there.

‘‘We had a chance to talk about a lot of things — baseball, life. For both, it was very important — I’m not going to say ‘break the ice,’ but to go back to the way we were.’’