Flowers' success is mix of adjustments and confidence

Flowers' success is mix of adjustments and confidence
August 5, 2014, 6:15 pm
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It’s not the glasses. It’s the adjustments.

So says Tyler Flowers.

The White Sox catcher’s scintillating run of success at the plate, one that began on July 9, is all about his stride and feeling more comfortable in his approach.

His .390/.438/.695 slash line over the last 18 games has nothing to do with his sporty specks.

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But there is another aspect at play here that White Sox manager Robin Ventura can see to accompany Flowers’ new style — he’s confident in himself.

“Mental is just as powerful and debilitating as the mechanical stuff,” Ventura said. “You have to believe in the mechanical stuff to have it work. There are some things that make it better balance-wise and how he’s swinging. But the confidence in your hand-eye coordination when you’re there is just as important as anything else.”

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Flowers’ stick has been critical to the lineup’s recent health. Even though Gordon Beckham and Dayan Viciedo have slumped, the bottom half of the White Sox lineup has set up the top half lately and it’s largely due to Flowers.

But Flowers was the one setting them down in Monday’s win as he went 3-for-3 with a game-tying solo home run and a two-run, go-ahead single.

He said its all the byproduct of the work he has continued to put in with hitting coach Todd Steverson. Even though he has flourished, Flowers said its still a work in progress getting comfortable with his adjustments.

“Trying to be downhill a little more,” Flowers said. “Trying to make a positive move toward the pitcher with the stride. I have a tendency to kind of want to stay back and that tends to make me collapse a little bit more on the backside. When it’s there it’s pretty good and when it’s not, it’s not very good. It’s still something I’m working on and the majority of good hitters out there do that and I realized I hadn’t been doing for a while now. Still trying to get comfortable with it.”