Konerko hopes Dunn gets to experience playoffs with A's

Konerko hopes Dunn gets to experience playoffs with A's
August 31, 2014, 1:30 pm
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Vinnie Duber

Paul Konerko has won a World Series. And now he's hoping his friend Adam Dunn will get to experience the same thing.

The White Sox traded Dunn to the Oakland A's on Sunday, ending the slugger's four-year stay on the South Side.

And while teammates and Sox brass were sad to see a likable clubhouse presence leave, everyone was hoping Dunn would get to experience postseason baseball for the first time in his 14-year career. The A's currently hold the top Wild Card spot in the American League, and they're just four games back of the AL West-leading Angels.

Drawing on the 2005 World Series run, Konerko was one of Dunn's well-wishers.

"Who knows what he’s going to do in the future, next year and all that, so he might be looking at it like this is the only chance I have to go do it. You definitely can’t blame him for that," Konerko said before Sunday's game. "I definitely hope that happens for him because that’s a feeling every guy should get before he gets out of the game. ... He only has 20-something games left, he’ll get through that and hopefully they make it into the playoffs."

Konerko has been there throughout Dunn's time in a White Sox uniform, a four-season period that saw the man with 460 career homers become a target of fan frustration after he displayed his penchant for frequent strikeouts to go along with his frequent long balls.

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But the longtime Sox first baseman, who is also about to end his career on the South Side, knew Dunn's value was as much about what he did off the field as much as it was about what he did on it.

"I think different on the inside, us on the inside than maybe people think on the outside," Konerko said. "For me, it’s petty simple. In today’s day and age, he showed up to play every day. This game’s tough. It’s tough to hit, it’s tough to do any of it really, and you can get into personalities, you can do this, you can hash it all day long. But for me, with so many guys coming out with injuries and this and that and guys not toeing the line every day, that’s one thing you can’t say about it. He showed up every day. ... When he missed games it was a serious thing, there wasn’t too many of them.

"From a teammate standpoint that’s really all I cared about in a of ways and what most guys cared about. That’s what we feel about it. I don’t care if he goes out there and strikes out four times. We all do it. We all have bad games. It’s not an easy game. The fact that he never backed down and played every time he could play, really at the end of the day that’s all that matters to us in a lot of ways."