Robin Ventura won't rule out deals, but won't alter plans

Robin Ventura won't rule out deals, but won't alter plans
March 9, 2014, 3:45 pm
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PHOENIX — The trade rumors continue to swirl, but Robin Ventura doesn’t see them as distractions.

Multiple reports this weekend suggest the White Sox have received interest from a pair of American League clubs in outfielders Dayan Viciedo and Alejandro De Aza. While the White Sox manager wouldn’t rule anything out Sunday, he knows he can’t do anything about it and plans to prepare the same way. Both Viciedo and De Aza have been potential trade targets since December when the White Sox acquired Adam Eaton to be the team’s everyday center fielder. That deal came about four months after the White Sox traded for right fielder Avisail Garcia, whom they also see as a building block.

“Right now I’m looking at it from here of just what’s here,” Ventura said when asked about his roster. “Something could come up and that changes but I’m preparing with this group. If something happens then you can roll it and change and go from there. Right now it is what it is here and you have to get your roster together with these guys.”

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If the White Sox headed into the season with their current roster in tact, De Aza and Viciedo will likely split playing time in a platoon. General manager Rick Hahn said in December he wouldn’t have a problem with a platoon because he didn’t want to force a trade just because the perception is that the White Sox needed to make a deal. He wants to get maximum value if he moves either player.

The White Sox have reportedly been active on several fronts this spring. Last month a New York Post story suggested the White Sox were scouting Yankees catchers. New York has several options who have been pushed down the depth chart after Brian McCann was signed. Plus, the Yankees need middle infielders, a spot where the White Sox have depth. At the time, Hahn suggested the White Sox are still actively talking to teams about trades even though spring training had begun.

“It’s more the exception than the rule that you see significant player movement during spring training,” Hahn said. “But the free agent market at least hasn’t totally absolved itself, it seems, so perhaps some clubs are waiting on that before making a substantive trade. It’s not something we’re counting on, but it’s certainly something we’re prepared to do if the right situation arises.”

On Saturday, a report surfaced that the Seattle Mariners have interest in Viciedo, with the two teams discussing a left-handed hitting bat in return. The Boston Globe also reported that the Minnesota Twins have interest in De Aza.