White Sox starter Chris Sale continues to enjoy word game

White Sox starter Chris Sale continues to enjoy word game
August 13, 2014, 5:15 pm
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SAN FRANCISCO — Chris Sale’s latest addition to his word of the day game is susurration.

The word, which is defined as “whispering, murmuring or rustling,” is the 18th Sale has used in a postgame media session after a start that was handpicked by White Sox video coordinator Brian Johnson. The challenge is for the three-time All-Star to use Johnson’s word properly when answering a media question as both the left-hander and Johnson try to determine what may be asked of Sale during his press conferences.

While the meaning of the word or timing of its usage might seem to be the biggest challenge for Sale, often it’s not.

“It’s not so much of how to use it or when to use it, sometimes it’s how to say it,” Sale said. “I’m in the mirror like ‘Suh-ser-ray-shun (susurration).’ ”

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Good start or bad— not that there have been many rough ones — Sale has played the game all season long aside from the season opener. The 18 words he has used this season include: indubitably, ameliorate, cacophony, capitulate, acquiesce, dichotomy, antithetic, ruminate, repudiate, nascency, juxtaposed, consternation, adjudicate, ubiquitous,voraciousprescience, amalgamation and susurration.

Sale — who is 10-2 with a 2.01 ERA in 19 starts — said he likes the game and has fun with it.

“It’s fun because some the word is important to what we’re doing as a team, the way we’re going,” Sale said. “Sometimes it’s kind of out of nowhere. Sometimes it’s five letters. Sometimes it’s 68 letters it seems like. It’s fun. It gives me some to laugh about and it gives me something to look forward to after the game.”